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March 2017

My Story – the jump off

I was recently asked by long-time parenting editor, writer and spokesperson Brandie Weikle, to write ‘my story’ for The New Family, a blog site that examines and celebrates modern family life.  Brandie is also the host of The New Family Podcast and Natasha (my business partner) and I got the pleasure of discussing possible careers through bebo mia for women who want to work from home – you can listen to that episode here.

The blog I wrote for was her 1000 Families project and it showcases the diversity of ‘family’. I was excited to share my story around my little queer family. Really excited. And really nervous. It took me a full week of just brain dumping before it started taking shape. I find a lot of shame in my story. I saw failure in my story. I saw a terrible mistake in my story. To clarify the latter, Gray was never a mistake, and who I chose to have her with was one of my biggest.

Honestly, I like having an ambiguity around where Gray came from. I hate when she says ‘at Dad’s house…’ in public. I almost want to shush her, I don’t, as I can see that is putting my sh*t on her. I feel like my sexuality is challenged in the story of Gray’s conception. Like, ohhh she’s “a lesbian”. I shouldn’t care, but I do. I want to yell, ‘I am really gay, if there was a scale, I would be off it. I love women. I don’t like men!’ Correction, I love one woman… And speaking of said woman, I feel like Alana is questioned as a parent with Gray’s story. It is so complicated when we step out of our protective bubble of our home and enter into the world.

So, in the interest of International Women’s Day where the theme is Be Bold (#beboldforchange), I am going to get vulnerable and share the rest of my story over the next couple months. All of it. Hold onto your hats.

Part one can be found here.