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It all started with a trip to the dentist…

I was sitting in the uncomfortable plastic-covered chair at the dentist last week hating every moment because cotton in my mouth is the worst. Insult to injury, the TV lovingly placed for my viewing pleasure, was tilted so that the glare from the dental lights made it impossible to see. Flipping through bookmarked blogs on my phone seemed like it would be a better use of my time anyway. I came across a recent one that cites the latest Harvard Business School study that found that husbands are ruining women’s careers, rather than children as many believe. It hit me then, as my mouth was stretched uncomfortably, I need a place to start talking about these issues.

Bianca Sprague Business ConsultingAs the CEO of maternal health brands, bebo mia inc. & Baby & Me Fitness, I am surrounded by mompreneurs (you know, like a mom with a business) and so often I hear that women are abandoning their passions because of their partners. Some of this is fixable. I want to help these women and couples! I want to start a dialogue about boundaries, and communication, and connecting to your power. It can be challenging ‘doing it all’. I get it! I am a wife to Alana, and a mom to Gray, and I have hobbies, and friends, and I run two businesses – plus I want to have a nap or read or watch Netflix sometimes too! There are ways to finish the day without feeling drained or disappointed that another day went by and you are not doing what you love to do.

I get the privilege and honour of supporting women through their entrepreneurial ventures as a business consultant and a coach, so I come across products and brands that I absolutely adore! I will rant and rave about those things here too!

If you know a mompreneur business that you would like me to check out, contact me.

If you are a mompreneur and you want business help, please reach out as well.

Thank you for being here and for being a part of my community.