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How Hard Can It Be?! with Andrew Younghusband

Andrew Younghusband, the host of Discovery Channel‘s Canada’s Worst Driver, started a new series called How Hard Can It Be?! in 2015.  The premier episode featured the GTA RollerGirls with Bianca Sprague, aka Pepper Pot hosting. The episode that aired on December 25, 2015 was great and she whooped Younghusband for a solid 10 hours – of course they cut that down to fit in the half hour show (oh, TV editing!). Check back here for the link to the episode. It’s coming real soon!

Today’s Parent Series

Bianca did a web series for Today’s Parent that featured parenting advice and tips to ease the transition during those early months. She also looked like a Stepford Wife. Her hair is like concrete. The tips are good though, so if they may help you, check out 1 of the 8 videos from the series above. Want to watch them all? Check them out on the bebo mia site.

Derby News

The U-haul Brawl is an all-gay roller derby bout that used to be called Clam Slam – the name was changed to be more trans-inclusive. Bianca was doing queer commentary for the news during the rookie game, before the all-star game that she played in under the derby name Pepper Pot.